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will b●e in place t◆ill January 31st, 2○013.Continue home○ appliance re●placement Pilot pro■jects on home〓 appliance replaceme●nt will also c●ontinue. That■ project wa●s scheduled to ●finish at the e●nd of May. Mo●

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◆e of agricul〓tural machiner〓y and tools, wh○ile extending the p〓olicy. So far, 13 b●illion yuan wor

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th of◆ subsidies had ●been offered, ●benefiting 3■ million hous●eholds. Extend ene〓rgy-saving projec◆ts The government wi●ll also cont

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inue ◆to encourage the pur■chase of ener●gy-saving products. ●A pilot pr○ogram for ne〓w energy vehic〓les will be ex●panded from 1●3 cities to 20. Ex○tend tax cut on s●maller cars The● State Counc◆il will also 〓extend the p〓urchase tax cut on● vehicles with e●ngines of 1.6● liters or sma●ller till the end◆ of next year. Sub〓sidies for auto rep〓lacements wil●l be raised to ●18-thousand yuan■.The government 〓is expected to i◆nclude a s■ocial security f●und in its bu●dget to improv●e managemen◆t of the fund. Only ●on CCTV:Ch●ina subsid○izes consu○mers who want to buy○ new home applianc●es and help■ recycle old ones. B〓ut the pol●icy does no●t satisfy t●he needs of a〓ll consumers ■and recycling e○nterprises.Buying◆ new home ○appliances wit○h 10

es by rura■l

percen●t discount and re●placing the old ●ones is attractive● for customers in◆ Shanghai. Many ca〓me to store◆s to learn more a●bout the subsidies■.But some d〓iscover they are n●ot included in the t〓argeted group."Why 〓there is a re○quirement for res◆idence card to〓 receive sub■sidies? Isn〓't it a discriminat●i

oke●d into the i○m

on?"The new■ policy is no●w available in ○only nine ○provinces and 〓municipaliti●es across the ◆country. And 〓only those ◆people with 〓registered reside○nce, can enjo◆y the subsid〓ies. This exclude○s a large number〓 of cons

of th○e po

umers.Ma●ny customers● also questio◆ned the current proc○edures of repl○acing old for new. T◆he government 〓has required co○stumers to sel●l their old applian○ces to rec●ycling enterpri■ses first, and t◆hen buy the○ new

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